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Jan 19, 2013 7:00am EST
that are taking part, obviously, in different areas of the government. one thing we're doing in tsa is trying to develop international known and trusted traveler programs that we can recognize. so, for example, we've taken the first step with our friends to the north. canada has a known trusted traveler program called nexus. they have 530,000 citizens who are in the program, and so we have accepted them as part of tsa precheck also. mexico has a program, sentry, we're working with the mexican authorities to try to recognize that known and trusted population. so there's a number of initiatives underway that would help promote not only people coming to the u.s., but also u.s. citizens traveling internationally because right now tsa precheck is just a domestic program. what we're working with internationally is for those who go through precheck here to be allowed to travel internationally. >> we do have time for a few questions. mayor? anyone? thank you, sir. >> all right, ma'am. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> now we're going to have a brief report from seattle mayor mike mcginn who's been
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1